what others have said

What others say matters, it is often the benchmark by which we are judged and retained. The testimonials that follow are from actual client work: from former colleagues, senior executives who’ve hired me, team members who’ve worked for me, partners I’ve worked with and people who’ve attended events I’ve run. They were given freely without promise of a reciprocal testimonial and shown in descending chronological order.

I believe they paint a good picture of my style, the way I work, the level of commitment and most importantly the results I’ve managed to achieve.

Keynote session for UK Govt Information Knowledge Exploitation Symposium 11/20

It is obvious that you are an authority in your subject and your presentation was informative, enlightening and thought provoking.  We have received many complimentary comments about your presentation and more than a few who want to develop IKX within their organisations.  One such example was “Fantastic session from Paul. The real life examples from his career brought IKX to life and gave me some ideas as to how we can start improving IKX in my business area.”

Your contribution to the day was significant, tying together not only the benefits of collaborating and exploiting existing lessons, but also the techniques and challenges of achieving it.

The Walford Award 09/19

It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you that you have been awarded the K&IM Walford Award for 2019.

The judging panel were most impressed by your energy and enthusiasm and complete commitment to spreading the word about knowledge and information management not only in the UK but worldwide.

Masterclass for Warwick Business School / CILIP 07/19 in partnership with Sara Traynor.

KIN – the Innovation Network: KM Masterclass on ISO 30401

Thanks so much for a great day yesterday.  The balance of input and discussion was just right and I’m sure everyone took a lot away from the day! Here’s some of the comments:

  • “engaging presentation, opportunities to participate, lots of food for thought”
  • “The Lego serious play session – such a fun and interactive way to approach solving problems.”
  • “The small group size, when broken up in to smaller groups being mixed around, so being given the opportunity to work with most of the other attendees.”
  • “Industry examples, variety of case studies, sharing of experiences.”
  • “It was all good”

Masterclass: “Exploiting the symbiotic relationship between innvoation and knowledge management”, Hong Kong 4/19

Paul Corney has an extraordinary ability to connect leadership within organizations with the insights and methods to enact their vision. I have never seen a facilitator as talented in reaching his audience, and enabling those without a voice, to not only realize their voice, but then act on their voice. This ability is strong in the narrative, and weaves seamlessly throughout. [Eric Hunter]

Presentation:  Importance of effective collaborative knowledge spaces (physical and virtual) at KM Asia Hong Kong 11/17

Presentation style  6.4/7         

Content –   6.3/7                                                                        

I liked this topic. Very good subject.

Deloitte building example was excellent, more examples would be even better. Very knowledgeable.

Very good all round. Engaging, detailed, colourful; all this with a sense of purpose and direction.

Inspiring sharing and good illustration of the concepts. Very well-structured sharing with good examples. I am interested in learning more from his book.

Interesting video on Deloitte blog.

Grounded, real discussion on creating a knowledge focused, innovation organisation.

Interesting and thought-provoking ideas on importance of work environment on collaboration.


Closing / working session: KM competencies: A day in the life of a knowledge manager in 2020 at KM Asia 11/17.

This highly interactive practical session will use a timeline technique to draw on the emerging themes of the conference. Paul will look at the skills likely to be required of a Knowledge & Information Manager in 2020. He will then invite delegates to imagine the life of a knowledge manager in 2020.

Presentation style  – 6.3/7                                                

Content                       – 6.3/7                 

Good team exercise. Good to help participants to consolidate their learning.

Very interesting style.

Very good interactive discussions which summarise all the knowledge we learned on both days. Thanks a lot!

Excellent wrap-up. Very good presentation that also leveraged the thinking of participants.

Future story was great! Nice discussion time.

Such a good presentation and sharing approach for collaboration within the group to learn and share more.

Good exercise. Great information.

Nice way to reflect ad consolidate the take-aways, excellent.

A good activity to ‘finish strong’ at the conference. Appreciate the crystal ball gazing into the future role of a knowledge manager.

Reverse brainstorming (Smart Failing), working session at KMUK, London 6/17

How to make virtual teams and communities fail Practical session to tackle an emerging issue and demonstrate an effective tool To feature a prominent organisation with a multitude of offices and communication styles

Presentation style          –    6.5/7                                                                               
Content                            –    6.4/7               
Delegate Comments
Really like the reverse brainstorming idea.
I thoroughly enjoyed the practical elements and use of ‘a conference call in real life’ and ‘what do we do to ensure failure?’ I can adopt a lot from this session.
Good facilitator, but beware of being too ‘teacherish’.
Enjoyable scenario/exercise and nice flip to way of thinking.
Excellent topic, useful tips.
Really enjoyed the reverse brainstorming exercise. Very simple but effective and definitely something I will use.
Very good video, important topic.
A good practical exercise which increased energy in the room and made us work together and share ideas.
Got people moving and talking – good first thing in the morning, gets everyone over the early morning slump.
Great example (practical) for peer reviews – need more of these examples to take away.
Good exercise.
Good practical exercise.
“Developing Effective Collaborative Knowledge Spaces”, presentation KMLegal UK 5/17
nb I was asked to give this presentation as I arrived as an invited guest at this event when one of the keynote speakers dropped out.
Presentation style          –    6.1/7                                                                               
Content                               –    6.0/7               
Excellent as always.
Great, interesting but as ever it is hard to see how to implement some of the (very sensible) general principles and examples in our context where good ideas are not enough to prioritise investment.

“Managing Virtual Teams and Communities” Joint Masterclass with Chris Collison, Lisboa 5/17

Paul’s masterclass series is exactly that; a small group of people with experience coming together to learn from an expert. I love the concept, and I loved the experience. It’s a brilliant way to focus on a specific topic and dive right in. We covered industry norms and why those don’t work, and most importantly, Paul’s ideas for how to overcome these status quo situations. I came home with realistic and tangible techniques that I have already infused into my day-to-day work.

Global Knowledge Manager, Sage

“Developing Effective Collaborative Knowledge Spaces” Seminar NetIKX, London, 5/17

We just loved the seminar.  Thanks so much for making it the lively success that it was.  Truly appropriate for our 10th Anniversary Year…
Meanwhile, we have had lots of positive feedback and will pick up a few new members as a result of your session, so our gratitude is enormous!!

On 18th May 2017 Paul Corney gave a presentation to NetIKX, the Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange, on the topic: ‘Developing Effective Collaborative Knowledge Spaces’. We had invited Paul to lead one of our seminars, because we knew he was a speaker of the highest quality and would provide an excellent learning experience for our members, many of whom travel considerable distances for the chance to learn from the pick of speakers in the Knowledge and Information field.

Paul, speaking with Victoria Ward, his colleague who is also an experienced presenter, ran a session that was lively and stimulating. It began with an ingenious activity to make sure we were all fully participating and involved. This introduction then led to a talk that picked out key drivers for Knowledge Management using appropriately well-produced slides and relevant examples to ensure the audience was kept engaged. He then expanded the talk to look at how space impacted on collaborative working

This allowed us to learn both from the ongoing research that Paul is doing but also from his huge practical experience, based on work at all levels in the UK and internationally. It was a privilege to tap into this reservoir of knowledge on the subject. Finally, a round-table discussion was initiated that enabled all the audience to engage directly with issues that had been raised. We also had the opportunity to take part ourselves in the research, and look forward to hearing further from Paul, as this work continues.

After a NetIKX session, an evaluation sheet is always offered, so each audience member can let us know their view of the success of the presentation. In this case, a clear majority of attendees gave the presenters the maximum score possible. Comments included: ‘An excellent and enjoyable session’, ‘this seminar really got me thinking’ and other similar feedback. We were very grateful to Paul and Victoria for their enthusiasm in giving us such a great NetIKX seminar.

Lissi Corfield,
Chair of NetIKX.

“Working Smarter in a Knowledge World: Why Space Matters for Collaboration, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing” Masterclass at International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur 3/17

On behalf of PETRONAS team, I would like to thank you for a such valuable and engaging session that we had yesterday. We have learnt a lot in understanding the concept of creating effective Knowledge Space for collaboration & innovation that we could apply in our organization. We definitely had a great time yesterday!

Knowledge Management
Group Technical Data
Project Delivery & Technology (PD&T)

Aspirations & Takeaways

When I leave, I want to have:

What I am taking away

An understanding of what collaboration (and beyond) is all about

A conducive collaboration workspace can encourage innovation
What are the approaches and tools for effective collaboration for innovative ideas

Increase collaborative hub / breakout spaces

Go out of my room and meet more people

Ideas on how IT can foster collaboration and innovation Technology is critical for virtual collaboration
Application of Digital Workspace The digital space success factors
Ways to harness knowledge via digital space Mind shift is important to make change work in an organisation
An insight to working smarter with the current digital space Ask specific questions to area experts
Issues on establishing digital space including the importance of establishing it in promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing
The kind of approaches to establishing digital space.
How to create effective virtual team space and collaborative space
The drivers for knowledge space
Understanding on the concept of an effective knowledge space design for collaboration and innovation
Space matters, either physical, digital or neutral and we are dealing with people.

Methods of sharing:

·       Postcards to the future

·       “let’s go for a walk”

·       Memory page to explain experience

How to make collaborative space work:

·       Conducive space (online/face to face)

·       The hybrid of both is important

Know the culture to avoid culture barriers and communication breakdown.
Virtual collaboration can only be effective if it is properly planned, everyone provided full training risks clearly identified.
A conducive collaborative workspace can encourage innovation.
Technology is critical for virtual collaboration.
Knowledge sharing can improve productivity.
It is important to know how to create the environment to encourage knowledge sharing.
Knowledge sharing and collaboration can happen anywhere, any time, any device.

KM Tips and Hints: virtual session with Legal KIM’ers in Dublin 2/17

To have Paul give so generously of his time to our fledgling KM Network has really given us a new appreciation of all the issues that we can tackle if we work together. The power of discussion and collaboration means that we can begin to formulate our plans for addressing our KM issues with new focus. Pauls practical tips from years of experience really focused our minds.

Our burning issues of setting up a useful and productive meeting, whether a protocol is necessary for a KM system, improving the knowledge culture and the ever burning issue of budget were addressed by Paul in a clear and concise manner offering practical tips and templates to empower us in our roles.

The discussion that was spurred from Paul’s presentation has left us all looking forward to the next Dublin KM Network meeting. We all look forward to following what Paul takes on next in the world of knowledge.

Thanks again Paul.

(Co-Founder Dublin KM Network)

Creating a Knowledge Sharing Environment: role of HR, Workshop, Khartoum 1/17

It was really a very rich, inspiring learning evening, to sum up the feedback from the young crowd who was there.

(Founder DAM HR Professionals Forum)

Knowledge Audits Masterclass, Khartoum 1/17

Aspirations & Takeaways

What I’d like to get out of today

What I am  taking away

Knowledge is an essential issue. Everybody getting knowledge but not in a strategic way.

This has really helped me: I know what I will do tomorrow, I will use in my early morning session to plan.

To inform measures & evaluation work.

I will insert more Knowledge Management activities into business process workflow.

To know more about knowledge application.

I will form a team to create a Knowledge Base.

To take back Knowledge Auditing to my organisation.

I now have a better understanding of how to introduce KM into my organisation  / A better understanding of the reasons to adopt KM./ Operational vs. Strategic planning.

How to conduct a Knowledge Audit and evaluate knowledge.

I can now put conceptual Knowledge Audit tools into work in my organisation /How to plan a Knowledge Audit / How to make Knowledge Sharing more flexible

My company is forming a KM unit, I have come to learn about the tools.

That Knowledge Audit requires collaboration / It needs buy in from all levels of an organisation/ To get buy in for Knowledge Audits

In process of changing career to develop company strategy.

Why do a Knowledge Audit / Method of how to do a Knowledge Audit starting with planning/ I know what a Knowledge Audit is all about.

To develop my career.

To pay attention to organisational culture.

To grasp Knowledge Audit concepts.

People are central to KM and knowledge in organisations.

To learn from others experiences.

An awareness of the decision analysis process which I had not considered before.

To learn more about KM.

The need to bridge a big generational gap and understand demographics of workers.

I’m getting involved in KM and want to learn how to do a Knowledge Audit.

The need for ownership and sponsorship and risk management.

To learn about Knowledge Audits and take to company.

I can map Knowledge Assets. In future compile a Diagnostic Report / I understand process of implementation.

Learn Knowledge Audits and take to the community.

The need to show maturity over time and establish a benchmark from the start.

To assess practical use of Knowledge Audits.

“What I heard more than understood”

To use within the context of curriculum.

I can use these tools in a structured way.

To utilise this approach (system) our information hub.

To share knowledge widely.

Measurement & Evaluation is a Knowledge Audit.

The need to read further to understand more about Knowledge Assets/ On reporting & analysis I need to study the material more.

A  good exposure to experiences.

The Masterclass should be more than 1 day.

I will use this for my private life!

KM Legal Europe Amsterdam 1/17
Day 1 9:30 – Paul Corney, Knowledge et al

Presentation style – 6.4/7 Content – 6.1/7
Good, interactive first session. Worked well as an ice breaker
I am a big fan of Paul and he is very interesting – more of him next year please.
Great opener, very nice presentation style.
Good ice breaker.
Good to get dynamic going.
Open conversation, set the tone, best session for collaboration.
Very engaging and motivating, he got people to talk and share their experiences.
Set the tone and gave the event a really good atmosphere.
Good ice-breaker, without ice!
Good to meet people, get people moving.

 Paul is a wonderful speaker and expert in the field. He gives examples of tried and tested approaches and that is crucial knowledge sharing at these events. (Delegate who attended my Keynote Speech, Practical Law Conference Mar 16)

Paul is one of the most insightful and conversational keynote speakers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He has a wealth of experience, incredible stories, and an uncanny ability to read the room before, during and after presentations throughout the day, guiding conversations where they need to go. [Director of Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Strategies, Prominent US Law firm Apr 16]


Marvellous style and way of getting the points over to the audience.
Nice start to the day, breaks the ice. Please allow enough time to fulfil the assignments.
Good ice-breaker.
The ice-breaker worked well to get people engaged yet the stages were a little black and white. They hardly started and finished rather than ‘swimming’ and ‘improving, but continuously learning.
Informal but to the point.
Very useful and a great way to start the day.
The use of project teams to further continuous improvement struck me as something I could implement. I thought dividing us by reference to where we were on our own KM journey was fantastic. It highlighted to me that we are not alone at the beginning.
Great start into the conference, I will use this method in the near future thank you!
Good to get pure knowledge sharing tactic in early. [Delegates at KM Legal Europe on the opening session I ran Jan 16]


When looking at presenting ideas on knowledge management and project lessons I came across your “DEBRIEFS” list. This is deceptively simple and I would like to share with my team in New Zealand.

May I seek your permission to use this list, as we endeavour to improve project practices and knowledge sharing? [Governance Specialist, Project Management Office Dec 15]


Paul was a Trustee during a critical time of Plan Zheroes – as it moved from a community association to a Charity expanding its reach across the UK. His razor insight, in particular within knowledge management during this period of change was critical to the success of the organisation. Paul would be a superb asset to any Charity or NGO Board. [Executive Chair & Director Slow Food  Movement in the UK Nov 15]


I was there and loved it. It was an informative session with practical recipes for knowledge capture. Paul’s experience in banking sector was the icing on the cake. Thanks Paul. (Delegate at Paul’s Lisboa Masterclass Oct 15]

Your Masterclass is still in my head, it was the best I had in 15 years, or more… [Delegate at Paul’s Lisboa Masterclass Oct 15]


I have seen that you shine a light in the world that gives strength to others…Thank you for being a PZ Trustee… I saw the role you played in July and I know there would have been a very different outcome had you not played your pivotal role. It certainly wasn’t an easy thing to do in the anxious and contagious environment of so much anxiety that existed then. You did it well, with bravery and compassion. [Former CEO and Advisor 3rd Sector, London Aug 15]


Good interactive session – good to have a chance to ask pertinent questions and get advice from others.
Engaging, fun, informative. Learned a lot from the session.
Very good speaker. Style of session was very useful and interesting, more like this please!
I very much enjoyed being able to discuss a particular challenge with a group of peers. Interesting to hear others’ new points and ideas and the types of challenge they face.
Peer Assist is a very powerful tool to discover.
Very good Peer Assist. I got a few ideas generated by the group for my situation.
Good to share ideas and thoughts.

[Delegate feedback on the Open Source Peer Assist Paul ran at KMUK June 15]


Thank you Paul  for your insightful sharing last night of the flow through phases of your “km journey”.  I thoroughly enjoyed your thought-provoking ideas, learning of your broad experience in applying km, and of course, your gracious dinner company and facilitation of lively discussions last night. [Senior Manager, Attendee at a Dinner Speech made by Paul in Hong Kong May 15]


Feedback from the 50 delegates at Paul’s Keynote address at Lisbon Business School Dec 14

Paul gave the closing keynote at this event at Lisboa Business School in Dec 14


Style: Excellent, relaxed & informal. Content: detailed & thought provoking [Head of Learning & KM, Legal, Delegate at Paul’s London Masterclass Jul 14]


I found the workshop I attended hugely useful. Great input. And loved sharing experience with other participants. Tried to get my organisation to run the course for all senior managers – okay so turned down because of budget considerations but gives you an impression of how good I felt it was [Group Director Marketing & Communications, 3rd Sector and Delegate at Paul’s London Masterclass Jul 14]


I’m a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton and module leader for ‘Knowledge Management’ which is core study for our post graduate students completing the MBA Knowledge and Innovation Management. I invited Paul to deliver a three hour session to my students on the topic of ‘KM in the Organisation’ in March 2013 and he was excellent. Full of practical advice for the students who could see the benefits of managing knowledge in innovative ways. Paul’s wide experience in the field, coupled with excellent facilitation skills made for a thoroughly enjoyable session. I have already invited him back for next year’s class. [Senior Lecturer, University Brighton Mar 14]


If there is ever a ‘real-life’ voice of reason/guardian angel type then Paul has been it! 18 months ago I had just began my first business, a family business in the mad world of catering. During that time my journey, along with the journey of my business partners, has been eventful to say the very least!

Paul has been there throughout; he was our first follower on Twitter, he was having coffee in week one and by week two he was helping us make steps to build our business. Paul has helped us understand key business principles, given us advice, consultation and helped me grow as a business person from the young, inexperienced 22 year old I was 18 months ago. Whether it was advice on people management, conducting shareholder meetings or developing key operations/systems within the business, Paul’s help was always right on point. Whilst Paul has a clearly high understanding of business – in which I value his help very highly – one cannot put value on the support and mentoring he has given us all on a personal level.
A huge thank you for the support and advice through the good and bad times – I recommend Paul to anyone, for anything.  [Partner, Bistro in Lewes, Jul 14]


It was fantastic to catch up with Paul again, and I never get tired of listening to his insight – he has some brilliant stories and experiences to share. It goes without saying that anyone considering, or planning, a merger should listen to what he has to say in this interview. [Founder, FindTheEdge.com commenting on an interview he conducted with me, May 14]


Many thanks to you and hats off to your tremendous skill and tools for getting people to work together and to think differently, as well as the ease by which you fitted into our community. We will keep you posted on what transpires from these two brilliant two days. [Professor, University Khartoum, Mar 14]


Paul has done an incredible job in single-handedly establishing Plan Zheroes (www.planzheroes.org) in Sussex. His enthusiasm for the initiative, ability to inspire, and his wealth of knowledge and experience have been invaluable and are a major asset to the team. [Founder, London, Mar 14]


I though you were a great chair – you kept it very informal and I thought it was the better for that. [Delegate at KMUK 2013]

Thanks so much for being such an engaging chair; I thought you kept the event moving really well. [Delegate at KMUK 2013]


Paul is an expert Knowledge Manager, he indeed facilitates learning and is an excellent speaker and storyteller on management experiences. He shared his wisdom in 4rh International Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning Summit, in Bogotá – Colombia [Sep 13]


Paul joins up the dots when most people haven’t even noticed there’s a puzzle to be solved. He is a creative strategist who delivers fascinating results with narrative research, knowledge management and change management [Head of Global Communications, Services London May 13]


I first met Paul whilst he was working for a client of ours. I always found Paul to have a thorough, considered and deep understanding of both the client and business issues they faced. At the time many of these business issues were resolved by Paul helping to deploy business systems to streamline processes. Following the great deal of success we saw for our client we ourselves called on Paul to carry out some consultancy on our own business. As a direct result of the time spent with Paul we have focused ourselves on some key aspects of the business which has seen us grow at an expediential rate. [Business owner and Cheif Marketing Officer, New York Jan 13]


Paul was recommended to us when the company was at a crossroads, his advice and input was invaluable in helping the board and the shareholders to agree a more positive way forward. We are extremely grateful for his relaxed but professional approach [Chair, Group Holding Company, Newbury May 12]


Paul understands people businesses and can rapidly put his finger on the fault lines running through an organisation. However, his personal style rapidly engenders trust, and he has the ability draw out people’s real views, rather than what they think it is politically correct to say. [CEO, Reinsurance London, Jan 11]


Frequently consultants promise to change your organisation: rarely do they deliver. However, Paul’s influence on my organisation has been nothing short of radical. A very conservative company, wary of change for change’s sake, we have adopted many of Paul’s ideas over the last 6 years. Simply walking round our office space is an entirely different experience thanks to Paul [CIO, Reinsurance, London Nov 10]


Paul is an enthusiast. In the short time I have known him and worked with him, I have been most impressed by the passion and professionalism he brings to projects. I had hardly come off a Skype call with him, inviting him to take part in a consultancy project in Portugal, before I realised he was already researching the background to it on the Web. His engagement on the ground was no less thorough and exacting. Then there is his range of social skills which make his presence in a team very welcome and supportive. He focusses on people as well as the challenge at hand. [Business owner, Dublin Oct 10]


Paul’s supportive and knowledgable approach allowed me time to reflect and respond openly to his often challenging questions, this enabled me to identify underlying issues, which in turn taught me how to get the best out of myself and the people around me. His ‘three strikes and out rule’ has proved to be a useful technique in learning new skills and by teaching others. This has been particularly useful when developing copy for the intranet, producing marketing campaigns for the Group and conducting research projects. The coaching has helped me to be more organised in my work, to prioritise and plan ahead, and has given me more confidence in dealing with all aspects of my role; this has been beneficial not just for myself but also for my team. [Head Corporate Communications & Marketing, Financial Services, London May 10]


Paul has been knowledge & information advisor. He initially produced a Roadmap containing a wide range of initiatives aimed at delivering tools & technologies that would assist the Group to share and access information and exchange relevant experiences for the purposes of meeting individual and corporate targets with measurable benefit.
In the intervening 7 years, Paul has driven through to implementation and beyond these recommendations, which include:
• Formation of Communications, Marketing & Information Management team
• Redesign of external website
• Implementation of daily news service, tailored for both internal staff and external business partners
• Design, development and implementation of an exemplar intranet
• Introduction of Breakfast Briefing sessions to informally communicate specialties held within the Group and provide opportunities for colleagues to network
• Introduction of Learn@Lunch sessions, providing opportunities to learn from external speakers about current issues and trends in the business world in a relaxed, informal setting
• Retrospect sessions to identify lessons learnt from both successful and unsuccessful tenders
• Assisting in the design of our new office space, to include areas where colleagues and our visitors can meet both in formal and informal settings.
Paul has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, drive and determination to the Group. None of the above would have been achieved, to anywhere near a satisfactory standard within the desired timeframes, without Paul’s passion and commitment. The Group are now a far healthier, better-informed, knowledgeable organisation than we were before his arrival.
On a personal note, the support, advice, guidance and wise counsel he has provided for me over this period has radically improved me as an individual, both professionally and in my life outside of work. [Director, Reinsurance Group London Nov 2010]


In the first two years of Paul’s chairmanship, it was clear that communications with members was much improved and that a marketing plan aimed at membership retention and acquisition had been introduced. Programmes for both clubhouse and course enhancement had been devised, with implementation under way. It was obvious to basic members that the Club was being turned from a rather ‘staid institution’ into a more dynamic enterprise that, whilst retaining its 100 year plus traditions and ethos, had adopted modern techniques to prepare for the decades ahead. Since becoming Managing Secretary, I have appreciated even more the positive influence that Paul has had on the Club. I, and my fellow employees at the Club, have been empowered to progress tasks that have been delegated under clear instructions and encouraged to take commercial decisions that will both enhance the Club’s reputation and bring in additional revenue. [Managing Secretary- COO, Golf Club UK Dec 08]


Paul was invaluable as an advisor to the business through a period of considerable change and challenge. This work culminated in a strategic change in direction to focus on systems and processes to manage New Product Development. This involved development as well as acquisition and, during this period, Paul was instrumemtal in pulling the strategy together through the development of the Stage Gate systems and processes and then managed the integration of the resulting acquistions. A supreme example of practicing what you preach. I look forward to the day in the future where we will be able to work together again. [Cheif Technology Officer, Software and Consultancy, Minneapolis Dec 03]


Diligent, energetic and a strong lateral thinker, Paul provided excellent customer service to a core group of key clients. His focus on communication and information sharing was critical to forming deep and valued relationships with his customers, and enabled the bank – and Paul’s clients – to overcome otherwise challenging operational constraints. [Senior Manager, Investment Banking, London Nov 98]