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I wanted to create a space that reflected who I am, what I do, where I’ve been and things I’ve observed along the way. The choice of knowledge et al (knowledge and others) as a name tries to encapsulate this.

My hope is that visitors might find it informative, occasionally funny but at all times a good read.  To the extent I acheive that will be determined by repeat visits and comments.

I will continue to blog about matter knowledge management, post travel observations on Trip Advisor and real time updates on Twitter. Eventually all should link.

Knowledge et al has:

I’ve arranged the content in a way that allows a visitor to search via discrete headings and to trawl through previous posts contained in a set of archives. In addition I’ve included a type of wordle that shows the tags most frequently applied.

Feedback as always would be much appreciated either by commenting below, via email: paul.corney@knowledgeetal.com,

at this postal address: 4 Laburnum House, 9, Darley Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, BN20 7PB, England

by phone: Mobile +44 77 6085857,

by skype: corneyp or

by Twitter @pauljcorney.

I will review all comments that are posted to ensure they are not inflammatory, overtly political, self promotional or spam and if in so doing I cause offence I aplogise in advance.

The photograph is of the Atlantic from the Fundação Champalimaud Lisboa



One thought on “about this site

  1. I think it was an exciting workshop. It took me into a tour to talk to others, share with others and consolidate further that togetherness is a strong strength I was exposed to information research.
    I personally liked the { “Coffee Huts” session } from one phrase said by a participant we managed to connect interact and the full description of the “ the hut as envisaged by a cleaner “ evolved and grew .
    A simple exercise to describe the hut from the eyes of a” cleaner” created an effective portrait; produced how we as a group collectively envisioned the situation.
    Thank you Paul, Gada and the KM team and interactive Forum.

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